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Can stainless steel mesh be used in ultra-high temperature environment?

The filtering effect of stainless steel mesh filter is stable: in the manufacturing process, raw materials are selected to prevent deformation during use; High strength: the data has high pressure resistance and can accept higher working strength; The single-layer filtering data has the characteristics of simple cleaning, and is especially suitable for erosion prevention. Stainless steel mesh has high temperature resistance function: high acceptable 480 ℃ high temperature function: stainless steel material itself has ultra-high performance and wear resistance; Easy machining: cutting, bending, stretching, welding and other processes can be well completed. The service life of ordinary stainless steel mesh belt is short, because the environment we use is very messy, such as high temperature, corrosion and other environments. As we all know, stainless steel mesh is characterized by high temperature resistance and high strength. It can be used in ultra-high temperature environment above 400 ℃.

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  • 2022-11-12
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