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Installation method of diamond screen window

The application of diamond screen window is very extensive, so its installation method has also attracted many people's attention. Next, we will introduce the installation method of diamond screen window.

1. Positioning and setting out: the middle line of the opening shall be popped at the beginning, and the width of the opening shall be determined from the middle line. The middle line of the middle window shall be vertical to each layer. Then set the horizontal lines of the same elevation on both sides of the opening, and the horizontal lines in the same floor should have the same elevation. Be careful, the screen frame should be assembled at the center of the wall, and keep the same size as the external corner line in the wall.

2. Screen frame assembly flow: the position and opening deviation of screen frame assembly must meet the plan requirements. We can repeatedly correct the perpendicularity and levelness of the door and window frame with a level ruler and a line holder, and adjust the wooden wedge to make the door and window frame vertical and horizontal. For the rest, the number, location and connection method of the screen window frame and the wall shall be recorded.

The diamond screen window shall be checked after installation, and can only be used when the installation deviation is within the allowable range. The allowable deviation is that the perpendicularity of the allowable deviation of the side is 2.5 mm, the allowable horizontal deviation of the horizontal frame is 2 mm, and the allowable vertical deviation of the diamond screen window from the center is 5 mm.

In daily life, we have the advantage of disassembling the screen for cleaning, but many people cannot install it after cleaning. What should we do?

1. Change the assembly position. Since the flowing plastic steel frames are not necessarily equidistant, and the high and low frames probably have no parallel spacing, it is necessary to find the place with the most spacing to start assembly.

2. Insert the upper part first, hold the center of the screen with one foot, and gently push the screen inwards with the other foot, so that the screen is slightly arched. Be careful not to use excessive force to deform the screen window.

3. If neither of the above two methods is feasible, the cross beam at the screen assembly place can be filed down. But be careful. Don't get too frustrated. Just fit the screen window.

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